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Ron D Bowes is a UK rock musician who has been round the block once or twice. Back in the day, he was known as Boz Bowes and played bass and sang vocals in numerous semi-pro bands in 70s, such as Midnight Circus, Palantir, Stag, Gambler and Sneak Preview. He has collaborated with numerous musicians around the world and is a member of the group "Partners in Crhyme" and "Hart & Bowes" He has released numerous solo albums and is a #NMSArtist.

Illuminated Rock

Albums :  "Bad Man Walking" - "Clean Mind, Dirty Thoughts" - "The Ballad of Blackwater Bowes" - "Last Man Standing" - "Two Fingers of Red-Eye" - "All the World's a Cage" - "Old Dog, New Licks" - "Diary of a Scoundrel" - "Backstreets and Shady Deals" - "You Can Kiss My Ass"

New Album OUT NOW! -

You Can Kiss My Ass

Review by Drooble >>>

Save your honey for me 1


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RB - #2

Ron D Bowes is based in Farnborough, UK. Since the 1970s, he’s been playing rock music with a ton of bands, among which Midnight Circus, Palantir, Stag, Gambler and Sneak Preview. In his most active years as a musician he’s contributed to a ton of records before indulging in a long, we guess, needed break. However, the rock gods eventually summoned him again so Bowes eventually came back to business and is still rocking hard. In 2018 he’s rocking a solid discography of seven albums and three singles.

Here we’re listening to “All the World’s a Cage”, the album currently up in his Drooble page and released in August 2018 by DK Records. So, what we got to say about it? Two words – pure rock’n’roll. Ron Bowes knows his game and “All the World’s a Cage” is a rock record, written by the books. It’s lengthy, consisting of 14 tracks; it’s classic, mean and punchy, and carries a heavy blues feel mixed with a slightly punk edge. For some the production might be over the top raw, but for us this is exactly how it should be done in the times of overly sterile, squeaky clean sound. You can’t make a rock banger without getting your hands dirty.

But beware, your new favorite rock’n’roll legend Ron Bowes doesn’t write ballads. “All the World’s a Cage” is no place for whiny tunes but only for solid bangers instead. So, dust off that leather jacket, put on your dancing shoes and blast the album like there’s no tomorrow. You know, there’s no time to waste on bad rock’n’roll so give Ron Bowes a chance.

That’s what we got to say.

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