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Ron D Bowes


Ron D Bowes is a UK rock musician who has been around for some time, but is experiencing a ressurgence as an established artist and songwriter. He played bass and sang vocals in numerous semi-pro bands in 70s, such as Midnight Circus, Palantir, Stag, Gambler and Sneak Preview. He has collaborated with numerous musicians around the world and is a member of the group "Partners in Crhyme" , "Hart & Bowes" "Kingstorm" and "The Cuzns" He has released numerous solo albums and is a #NMSArtist.

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CDs of "Nymphomania Blues" are £9 in the UK or £11 elsewhere. To purchase - click button, then click email link and use the title "Nympho", supply your name and postal address and an invoice will be sent

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Previous albums - still available as digital downloads

Ron D Bowes

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What they say about Ron D Bowes >>>

Blues, Booze and Bad News
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